Zener diode - Practical Problem 1

Problem statement:

A circuit is given to you and certain components are unknown within this circuit. You have decided to do a simple test with an ammeter to measure the amount of current passing through the entire circuit, while changing the input voltage between 0 - 24 Vdc.

Assume the following

  • Zener breakdown voltage is unknown
  • Zener forward voltage is 0.7V
  • Current represents an Ammeter connected in series with the source
  • There are two components with unknown characteristics.
  • Component 1: The zener breakdown voltage
  • Component 2: A resistor "R"

The following circuit is given

A tabulated representation of the measured data

A graphical representation of the measured data

Use the data provided and calculate:

  • Zener breakdown voltage (in Volts)
  • Resistance R (in ohm)
  • Relationship between current passing through zener and the input voltage (in mA/V)

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