Zombie apocalypse season I

Logic Level 2

Welcome to a new zombie world.The human now most of earth are undead.

You woke up in a hospital in London.You unlock the door by a key on the floor.You go around but you don't know what happen when nobody in the hospital.You walk outside you don't see anyone.So you walk around the city,see Big Ben tower,The house of Parliament,The Buckingham palace.......You see many empty vehicles and the street are mess.You walk to a shop corner and you see a newspaper.It said that the army has been order shoot when they see undead,and the Great Britain had been isolated from the world by the U.N,US army,NATO......

You walk to a car,when you touch it,it turn on the alarm.Then you see a man eat a soldier.You realize that they are chasing you.

Right now you have to make a decision.The horde are chasing you,you have to:

1)At the end of street there have a Tank with M2 Browning and the other.Run to that tank and shoot then hide.
2)The same with one but you don't shoot,you hide in that tank.
3)On the street there are many Assault Rifle.You may take it then fight back then run.
4)Hope that you will survive.
Note that the horde are attraction with sound.
To increase the surviving chance you should choose:

Source:28 days later.


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