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  • I was expecting a refresher on some old information as well as to learn something new, but even with the Fundamental Math course, I'm learning new ways to think about even basic math problems.
    Eric Kowalec – Google Play
  • It's great for learning and sharpening skills. This app has been helpful with my performance at work and I feel more mentally active than before. thank you so much devs.
    Kem Andrsn – Google Play
  • super great way to fill in the gaps from previous education and take my learning to the next level with confidence. it gives me great explinations and has been recently helpful as an aide while reading some vortex mathematics books.
    A Google user – Google Play
  • By implementing the information given immediately makes you use the knowledge learned, cementing it in your memory! It’s amazing!
    MattyBK – App Store
  • A fabulous educational app that provides me a true learning experience without a lot of fluff!
    Evanduz – App Store
  • Brilliant tackles Math & Science on a whole different and super adaptable perspective! Just browsing it’s free and limited features is great enough to keep your noggin on it’s toes and give it boldness to expand! Switch this as your vice no matter what level of thinking you’re in! Fantastically educational and offers constructive support!
    C4rl 5. – App Store
  • It is the best educational app. It explains concepts very intuitively and really engraves those concepts deep in the mind. Also such high quality educational material is not presented in any other app.
    Arpit Mishra – Google Play
  • The premium version of this is inexpensive and far superior to Khan Academy. It teaches concepts clearly and intuitively and then makes the student work and think to solve problems.
    Noam Benson-Tilsen – Google Play
  • I installed this to just give it a try. But they have such highly curated content for just all the subjects i love- from science to math to computer science. It's a great app both for fun and for learning.
    A Google user – Google Play
  • You know, they were right when they said that they would make you learn better than lectures, because I’ve had this app for a week now and I already feel like I’ve gotten smarter than a whole school year.
    Willy999Willy – App Store
  • Good for keeping a bit of sience in your routine and brushing up on your knowledge.
    A Google user – Google Play
  • Wonderful app, the courses have helped me truly understand calculus and linear algebra!
    Noa Vidovic – Google Play
  • Greatly paced education with engaging puzzles along the way. Also, the snippets of topics are clear and simple to understand. If with subscription comes the promise of ever expanding quality content to learn from, I'm in.
    Mark Kohlmann – Google Play
  • I’ve always enjoyed math and learning math because it just makes so much sense. Nothing makes as much sense as math and I’ve been looking for an app for a while for me to practise math. This was perfect for that. There are so many relevant shortcuts I can and am using at school And the weekly puzzles are so much fun. Sometimes I get my family involved just to see if we can work out some of the harder ones
    Ijr369 – App Store
  • Exactly as the title says, BRILLIANT app. It challenges me every day, it deepens my knowledge and makes me overcome my limits in math and science! I used many methods for learning, textbooks, online resources, but no one compares even a tiny bit to this app. This app is the example of how excellent active learning can be. Wanna learn in the best, fastest, and most effective way? This app is for you, just a hundred dollars a year for the premium subscription and is one of the best things you will pay for.
    Raul Saavedra – Google Play
  • I am an educator. Some of the interesting questions found here can be the higher order thinking questions for my assessment papers.
    MikeLKF – App Store
  • @brilliantorg is ridiculous. I’ve never had this much fun with math and even more mind-blowing moments; and I’m just at Mathematical Fundamentals!
    Lars Norlander – Twitter
  • Great app! Telling everybody I know about it. I’m a kindergarten teacher and the way with which this app breaks things down has given me ideas for introducing big topics to them. They love it!!
    DocB603 – App Store
  • It approaches math and science in a unique non-boring non-passive way which you can rarely see in other online educational sites and even in school.
    Crisa Mei – App Store
  • Brilliant delivers on its promise to teach important concepts in the fields of study they present. Visual representations are professional with good colour choices and consistent design choices. The questions and solutions are short and memorable days after I’ve read them. I haven’t bought the subscription yet, but I likely to buy it now that I’ve been habitual using it — Won’t be dropping off the app any time soon.
    pletka-laulan – App Store
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