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  • I've only started one course and I am in love with it already. I can't wait to explore more of it.
    May Jeanette Fast – Google Play
  • This app got me excited about maths again! As a kid I of course hated maths and science but this has made it fun and interesting in a way that's BRILLIANT!!! I'm hooked on re-learning lost skills and improving my mental acuity to help not only in everyday life, but my career entering the IT industry from scratch :)
    Alexander Kotze – Google Play
  • Maybe I’m late to this, but the app by @brilliantorg is amazing! It’s a great way to brush up on some engineering math I may have forgotten after undergrad (whoops), and learn new things! Yay, for staying sharp!
    Lietsel R. – Twitter
  • I’m currently learning 3D modeling and animation thru an extensive computer program and have been stumped multiple times, after using some of the problem solving lessons on here I noticed I’ve been able to recognize patterns and incorporate better logistics into my workflow and for that I give it 5 stars. 😎
    Ignacio27 – App Store
  • I'm a mathematician and teacher. I've used Brilliant both for my own continued learning and to challenge my more advanced students. Their problem-based courses are an excellent way to build understanding, and they are adding more resources all the time. Highly recommended.
    Mark Walth – Google Play
  • @brilliantorg is one of the most wonderful things in my academic life. Thanks for everyone who brings this to our life.
    Feras – Twitter
  • Brilliant is an amazing application for all those who are often intrigued about whatever they learn. Also, there are several puzzles and logic riddles which are very interesting and very often stump people at their first look to them. Brilliant has helped me build my intuition for science and mathematics.
    MANOJ S Peshwani – Google Play
  • This is amazing. Difficult sometimes but never impossible, and I absolutely love the way it lets you look at ‘stuff’ from different perspectives.
    NancyW – App Store
  • Personally speaking, I am someone who likes solving quizzes, riddles and puzzles rather than actually solve the “math”. Yet Brilliant satisfies me with variety and I couldn’t thank it and its community for bringing a fun and creative approach to every problem. I always see “Math” and intelligence in different aspects, but each is valuable on its own.
    Youtier – App Store
  • Fun to do and good for that grey matter.
    Jeroen – Google Play
  • The experience with Brilliant is a textbook and interactive lessons in one. It's a very fun way to learn concepts and the interactive aspect helps hold onto the information better than just reading a book.
    Tyler Gordon – Google Play
  • I love this app. It has made me find this love for math that has been missing since middle school. It's challenging but in a fun way and it has almost become therapy for me to jump into a session of Brilliant.
    Elijah Rodgers – Google Play
  • Brilliant is the place where you really learn from your mistakes... you'll love it.
    Nabeel Akhter – Google Play
  • One of my fav new apps. I've learned SO much about gravity mechanics, it's cool! @brilliantorg
    Kaden – Twitter
  • This app is absolutely BRILLIANT. Challenges your intuition, widens your scope of possibilities and change your perspective of how to tackle the problem.
    Tejpal Singh – Google Play
  • A shout out to @brilliantorg: their “Quantum Objects” course is the best intro to quantum mech for the layperson I have seen so far. Clear, engaging, and simple (but not simplistic). #SummerReading
    Andrea Ventura – Twitter
  • Actually useful! It's a nice refresher on physics and math. The explanations and problems are well represented usually don't need much previous knowledge other than the courses provide. It also has no intrusive ads. It's one of the tare breed of apps designed for anything else but fleecing you for money. Definitely worth a try, even if you think you suck at math/physics and that this can't be fun. It is!
    Simon Isenberg – Google Play
  • The multivariable calculus course on @brilliantorg is excellent!
    Aron Sandstedt – Twitter
  • My unschooled son who all his life has abhorred mathematics picked up @brilliantorg, had a rough start, but is now doing algebra...and came to me this morning saying it was FUN.
    George Donnelly – Twitter
  • It was by far the best app I've downloaded and one of the best decision I've ever chose. I find myself wasting time on my phone constantly and with Brilliant I'm now using that time productively. Such a genius app and website.
    Ruben Meza – Google Play
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