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  • The name says it all: brilliant. I've never seen an app with so much to learn so quickly. From classical physics to machine learning to differential equations. I'll be using this for plenty of years to come.
    Ethan Griesman – Google Play
  • The Brilliant product as a whole is very effective. It makes learning fun with the use of clever puzzles. This very user-friendly app allows me to learn on the go. If you want to improve your math or science skill, get a subscription for Brilliant. I promise it will be well worth the price.
  • Great app, fantastic little quizzes, the puzzles are well thought out and the solutions really help bring together complicated concepts in a simple way. Totally recommend.
    fletcher185 – App Store
  • I wish school taught me to think by intuition, instead of having me memorizing countless formulas. Excellent app, beautifully laid out, engaged community.
    Joshua Tapp – Google Play
  • Wow! The best "brush up on your fundamentals" app that I've used so far.
    antgly – App Store
  • Fun and educational. I enjoy doing Brilliant quizzes alone and with my kids.
    Brilliant user – App Store
  • Best app I have come across - I love it! The way it interacts with the reader is mind blowing. You can learn math and physics without stress. Thank you developers <3
    Lugmaan Haneef
  • I went in to their probability course with a very low knowledge of probability math and intuition. Afterwards, I came out of it with a very extensive knowledge of probability. Brilliant’s teaching style is wonderful and fun, and I hope to learn more!
  • This is definitely helping me jump back into the world of being a life long learner. I had been a bit lazy with my individual study but the app chooses entertaining and increasingly difficult puzzles to get the brain working again.
    Scarlet Figueroa – Google Play
  • Through its engaging and well-structured courses, Brilliant has taught me mathematical concepts that I previously struggled to understand. I now feel confident approaching both technical job interviews and real world problem solving situations.
    Jacob Snider
  • Always loved Maths but don’t often get a chance to challenge myself like I did in high school & uni. A welcome brain refresher with a great format.
    __Ren__ – App Store
  • As a teacher, it's fantastic to see an app take such an approach to learning. The style of teaching through solving problems goes against traditional strategies but is firmly in line with research on how people learn. I look forward to incorporating some of these examples into my classes!
    Kevin Fitzell – Google Play
  • Honestly amazing. If you can commit a few minutes every day, it'll actually make you smarter.
    Brilliant user – Google Play
  • The most effective interactive learning tool I've ever come across. I find the one-exercise-a-day reminder very useful to keep my interest alive.
    Swingering – App Store
  • I'm a huge fan of the website's ability to make learning an interesting and enjoyable experience. I'm super excited to dive into as many courses as I can.
    Clifford Williams III
  • Has a plethora of fantastic problems on a large number of topics. One of the most useful and diverse educational apps out there.
    Rohan Daniel – Google Play
  • Broad range of topics delivered in an engaging accessible way. Useful for my studies, general curiosity and professional growth. A+
  • Brilliant means “an inspired idea,” and that’s exactly what Brilliant is. The whole point of the app is to learn how to solve problems; using principles of science, math, and logic, you’ll be guided through lessons on all sorts of fascinating concepts. Grasp probability! Learn about the cosmos! Solve the weekly problem set! Best of all, Brilliant has a community full of brilliant minds who will help you understand solutions and why they work. If an answer doesn’t make sense, discuss the solution and see why it’s true. You never know what you’re going to learn!
    A Studious Student
  • Teachers, my students are loving @brilliantorg - the challenging puzzles are fun and great for a different warm up or end activity.
    Taylor Trapp – Twitter
  • Oh no. @brilliantorg has me working on math problems again at one in the morning.
    Chris Stubenrauch – Twitter
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