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  • I’m currently learning 3D modeling and animation thru an extensive computer program and have been stumped multiple times, after using some of the problem solving lessons on here I noticed I’ve been able to recognize patterns and incorporate better logistics into my workflow and for that I give it 5 stars. 😎
    Ignacio27 – App Store
  • I'm a mathematician and teacher. I've used Brilliant both for my own continued learning and to challenge my more advanced students. Their problem-based courses are an excellent way to build understanding, and they are adding more resources all the time. Highly recommended.
    Mark Walth – Google Play
  • This is amazing. Difficult sometimes but never impossible, and I absolutely love the way it lets you look at ‘stuff’ from different perspectives.
    NancyW – App Store
  • I love this app. It has made me find this love for math that has been missing since middle school. It's challenging but in a fun way and it has almost become therapy for me to jump into a session of Brilliant.
    Elijah Rodgers – Google Play
  • My unschooled son who all his life has abhorred mathematics picked up @brilliantorg, had a rough start, but is now doing algebra...and came to me this morning saying it was FUN.
    George Donnelly – Twitter
  • This application provides a great balance between depth and breadth, as well as taking novel approaches when deemed advantageous. A connection to observable experience and developing the learner’s intuition both seem to be priorities in their course designs.
    000000110000111 – App Store
  • If you want to learn new things quickly and really understand the basic concepts, this is for you! I am an entrepreneur, needing to understand the basics of a lot of subjects at the same time and this is ideal for doing just that.
    startupper7777 – App Store
  • Your knowledge is constantly checked with immediate feedback which is very detailed but not extraneous. As a college-level aircraft maintenance math and physics instructor, I find the format and content detail to be just right. I also appreciate the discussion function which allows great minds to offer their own solution explanations which help if the original author’s explanation goes over your head.
    Heatpapi – App Store
  • This app sent me on a trip through the world of artificial intelligence. I learned more in the last 3 days than the entire intro to AI course I took at university. Although I bet the difference is that i pay way more attention to Brilliant than I did in class. That's the beauty of this app. It presents knowledge in a way that keeps you curious and makes you want to learn. Well worth the subscription so far, and I'm only 3 days in. Quite incredible.
    Phillip Kinney – Google Play
  • Brilliant puzzles are so well designed and crafted they provide you with new enticing ways to think about the world. There are so many new challenges in wide variety of subjects that are really good fun! I do recommend to anyone who's keen to enjoy the thrilling of using your brain. It’s awesome!
    Jsegui – App Store
  • These puzzles are amazing! The app starts you off with small, simple exercises and puzzles. But not so diminutive that they’re boring. Then, you progress to more exciting and intricate puzzles; all the while learning, and immediately exercising what you just learned. And the most awesome part, if you don’t understand why something is the way it is, there’s a down-to-earth explanation - complete with descriptions, pictures, and gifs. You can’t help but learn, and the fun makes you never want to stop learning. If you are a lifelong learner, you will love this app!!!
    micah – App Store
  • This app is both super aesthetically and functionally pleasing and incredibly fun. I'm an engineer and like to stay fresh on a few skills that are a bit outside of my everyday use in my current job. This really hits the core of a concept and allows you to feel accomplished by actually learning and passing quizzes.
    Viv W. – App Store
  • Well-organized, well-explained, well-designed. Brilliant is absolutely a good choice if you want to learn or re-learn anything objective (math, science, etc.). The lessons are more like puzzles, available as courses or individual practice lessons or as concepts to understand. If school math looked like this, nobody would think “math is hard.”
    Joel Marsh – App Store
  • Inquiry based learning in action. You'll get excited, and figure the laws and principles yourself. Great for curious people who want to learn through practice on a bite sized problems.
    Andre Chergik – Google Play
  • It's absolutely fantastic!! If you are a curious person but want bite sized and approachable intellectual stimulation. I wish I didn't wait this long to finally get the app. It's like Duolingo but for general knowledge.
    Robel Belay – Google Play
  • There are so many subjects to choose from. The lessons are very well planned and explained with just the right amount of detail. The daily challenges are great. A great app to stay fresh on subjects you know and to expand your knowledge on those you don’t know much about. So glad I found this app.
    Mountainmkt – App Store
  • This is an absolutely awesome app that I have missed in the past. This is the ultimate gift for those who are passionate about math and science. I am using this app while taking CS classes and it often does a better job at explaining concepts than my professors. I subscribed recently and I can't wait to discover more. Great job.
    Erald Cane – Google Play
  • Brilliant offers the most effective form of learning unlike anything that exists today. I have never been more than happy on an investment. I am doing the Solar Energy course, and I must say that this the best theoretical course I have come across.
    Alvin Cheriyan
  • Brilliant is in the vanguard of how teaching and learning should be done. I really love the platform and advise any person to use it.
    Bruno Campana – Google Play
  • I’m 65 and retired from 40 years in IT. Using this app is a great way for me to try to stay sharp. I’ve also introduced it to my 14 year old granddaughter. That has opened a whole new opportunity for her and I to communicate. That is priceless!
    Paul Koegler
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