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2017-04-03 Basic


A full bottle of green tea weighs 350 grams.
With half the tea consumed, it weighs 200 grams.

What is the weight of the empty bottle?

When placed on a scale, a container of water measures 20 kg,\SI{20}{\kilogram}, while a steel ball measures 2 kg.\SI{2}{\kilogram}. Now, the steel ball is dipped into the water, as shown in the diagram above. What will be the new reading on the scale?

In a circle, a chord divides the diameter perpendicularly into lengths of 1 and 9. What is the length of the chord?

Mother came home and saw a broken vase. She immediately questioned her 4 children, who replied as follows:

Alex: "It wasn't Brian. It was Daniel."
Brian: "It wasn't Charlie. It wasn't Daniel."
Charlie: "It wasn't Daniel. It was Brian."
Daniel: "It was Charlie. It was Brian."

It is known that each of them told one true and one false statement. Who broke the vase?

How many triangles are there in the figure above?


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