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2017-05-08 Basic


Bill, David, and Joey are the 3 finalists in a hot dog eating contest.

  • Bill did not eat the fewest hot dogs.
  • David did not eat the greatest number of hot dogs.
  • Joey ate more hot dogs than Bill.

Who won the contest by eating the most hot dogs?

True or False?

If real numbers \({\color{red}a},\ {\color{blue}b},\ x,\) and \(y\) satisfy \[{\color{red}a}x + {\color{blue}5}y = {\color{red}2}x + {\color{blue}b}y,\] then it must be the case that \[{\color{red}a=2} \text{ and } {\color{blue}b=5}.\]

A baseball bat is not uniformly shaped, which is why its center of mass is not at the midpoint between its two ends.

Suppose we cut a baseball bat (perpendicular to its axis) into two pieces through its center of mass, as shown above. Which piece will have greater mass?

Hint: if you're not familiar with the idea of the center of mass, it is the position about which we could balance the bat if we placed it on a knife's edge.

Can the \( \pi \) figure above, composed of 5 pieces of different colors, be rearranged into a perfect square?

The individual pieces can be rotated, reflected and translated.

Each of the nodes--the small circles--of the squares below may or may not have a bomb. The number in each square indicates the number of bombs planted around that square.

How many nodes have bombs?


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