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2018-06-25 Basic


A whale and a chihuahua dog are in free fall while skydiving on the moon (there is no air resistance).

Which animal has a greater acceleration?

Note: Don't worry about the whale and the chihuahua, they're skydiving with MoonJumps Inc. which supplies them with rocket packs for a safe landing.

In the figure below, the skier crouches in an 'egg position.'

Which of the following options best describes her effort to crouch like that?

Each turquoise rectangle has dimensions of a×b.a \times b.

What is (a+b)2(ab)2?(a+b)^2 - (a-b)^2?

How many times in a day (00:00-24:00) do the minute and hour hands of an analog clock form a 180180^\circ angle, i.e. form a long, straight line?

In Germany, the problem to the right is known as "Das Haus vom Nikolaus." The left diagram is a "house" that can be drawn with a single stroke of a pen (never drawing the same segment twice). A possible solution is on its right.

Which of the diagrams below can be drawn with a single stroke of a pen?


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