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Number Theory


Number Theory is the study of how math itself is structured. And it deals with the coolest numbers: primes!


"Number Theory" sounds complex, but it's actually about studying math as simply and elegantly as possible. It's full of tools that can seem like a magician's work if you don't know the trick! That said, this course starts at the very beginning -- covering all of the essential tools and concepts in number theory, and then applying them to computational art, cryptography (code-breaking), challenging logic puzzles, understanding infinity, and more!

What is this?
Number Theory is number magic. It's how mathemagicians seemingly "solve" difficult problems in their head. The course takes you through a new way of doing arithmetic to help you solve big problems in your head too!

Who is this for?
Anyone who already has a basic understanding of arithmetic - addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, exponents - and wants to look at it all in a new way.

What should I know?
Do you know how to evaluate this: \(2^2 \times 3^2 \times 5^1 = ?\) Then you've got everything you need!


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