Data Analysis · Level 2

2.2 Case Study: Going Viral on X

In this case study for Introduction to Probability, you’ll leverage probability to explore how posts go viral on X—and identify which posts are real (and which are probably fake).

Influence Probabilities

Simulation I

Updating the Influence Probabilities

Simulation II

Twitter Bots

Using Tweet Features

A Simple Classifier

Course description

Using X (Twitter) data and probability, discover which tweets have the potential to go viral, and which don't. Then use the same data to determine if bots or humans are more likely to write fake news.

Topics covered

  • Estimating
  • Probability
  • Rule of Sum
  • Rule of Product
  • Conditional Probability
  • Bayes' Rule
  • Dependence and Independence
  • Probability
  • Estimates
  • Updating
  • Probabilities
  • Probability Simulation

Prerequisites and next steps

Highly recommended to take after completing Introduction to Probability.

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