Mathematics Puzzles

Puzzles using numerical logic, algebra, and geometry. Do one puzzle a day for a month!

Why Is It Imbalanced?

Can You Find a Way?

Which Tiles Does Julio Get?

Complete This Triangle

Who Gets Each Tile?

What was the Original Area?

Rearrange the Dots

What Is This Sum?

How Much Space Is Left Empty?

Make Each Edge Sum to Nine.

Aim Carefully

Find the Value of B

Find the Total Shaded Area

Can You Make It Impossible?

What Is the Sum of These Angles?

What Costs the Most?

Find the Yellow Area

What Does Average Look Like?

How Much Is Shaded?

It's Supposed To Be an 8

Measure Carefully!

Is This True or False?

Which Waves Make These Waves?

Find the Sum of These Angles

Which Is Greater?

Find the Shortest Path

Who Has the Biggest Class?

Compare the Shaded Areas

Which Is Bigger?

Find the Area

Solve This Cryptogram

Course description

A one-month puzzle-a-day challenge! Topics include: numerical logic, algebra, and geometry.