Data Analysis · Level 2

2.1 Introduction to Probability

Build a foundation in probability to better understand the likelihood of events.

Estimating Probabilities

The Past And The Future

Practice The Past And The Future

Combining Probabilities

Practice Combining Probabilities

Conditional Probability

Practice Conditional Probability

Total Probability

Practice Total Probability

Updating Predictions

Practice Updating Predictions

Dependence and Independence

Practice Dependence and Independence

Building Models

Practice Building Models


Course description

Answer real data questions using probability and simulation.

Topics covered

  • Estimating Probability
  • Rule of Sum
  • Rule of Product
  • Conditional Probability
  • Bayes' Rule
  • Dependence and Independence
  • Cumulative Probabilities
  • Probability Estimates
  • Updating Probabilities
  • Probability Simulation

Prerequisites and next steps

Use probability to represent and interpret data and events effectively. Decide how to work with dependent and independent events, apply Bayes' Rule to update probability estimates, and run simulations to better estimate outcomes.


  • Mathematical Fundamentals

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Data Analysis · Level 2

2.2 Case Study: Going Viral on X

In this case study for Introduction to Probability, you’ll leverage probability to explore how posts go viral on X—and identify which posts are real (and which are probably fake).

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