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    Calvin Lin

    International Mathematical Olympiad 2000, 2001

    Calvin represented Singapore in the IMO. He has spent years teaching the joy of mathematics through understanding the patterns and linkage of ideas, rather than the memorization of formulas.

    Zandra Vinegar

    B.S. in Mathematics, MIT

    Zandra has taught aspiring young students in math enrichment programs such as the Berkeley, Stanford, and San Francisco Math Circles. She loves opening people's eyes to the beautiful relationships that exist in mathematics.

    Eli Ross

    B.S. in Mathematics, MIT

    Eli directed the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, and later applied math and computer science to research ranging from derivatives markets to quantitative linguistics to voting theory. He enjoys connecting mathematical abstraction to the world around us.

    Josh Silverman

    Ph.D. in Biological Physics, The Scripps Research Institute

    Josh has researched problems at the intersection of physics and biology, focusing on the economics of resource allocation in growing cells. He likes to shine light on ideas that cross the borders between disciplines.

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What makes Brilliant different?

“A significantly greater number of students fail science, engineering and math courses that are taught lecture-style than fail in classes incorporating so-called active learning that expects them to participate in discussions and problem-solving beyond what they've memorized.”
— “Enough with the lecturing”, National Science Foundation

Brilliant is built by educators, students, and practicing professionals who share an ideal for a better way to learn. When building material for our members, we take a look at the existing resources through the lens of our 10 principles, and our experience as teachers and students to produce a unique approach to the subject.

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  • I've had my subscription since late 2014 and haven't regretted it since. It's a pittance compared to what most people squander on bundled cable TV packages!Mark M.
  • Brilliant is an excellent page that teaches us to reason correctly and develops our creativity and imagination — and apply it in all aspects of our lives.Jenny B.
  • Perfect for everyone — I started on just the free version, and loved it. So I sent it to my 14 year old son, and his improvement in maths was amazing in just 2 weeks!William C.
  • I've been subscribed to Brilliant for a while now and it's been more than worth it. It's great for keeping my quantitative skills sharp while also being thoroughly entertaining.Danielle L.
  • My favorite app. A must-have one for science and math students and lovers.Georgia E.

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