Data Analysis · Level 1

1.2 Case Study: Unlocking Rental Value on Airbnb

In this case study for Exploring Data Visually, you’ll use visualizations to analyze Airbnb data and find the best neighborhoods to buy a rental property.

Best Property Type

Rental Rate Recommendation

Best Neighborhood

Peak Seasons


Guest Reviews

Course description

Through bar charts, scatterplots, and line charts, discover the best neighborhoods to buy an Airbnb investment property. Explore what kinds of rentals perform the best and how to price your rentals for maximum profits.

Topics covered

  • Bar charts
  • Pie charts
  • Line graphs
  • Scatterplots
  • Histograms
  • Box and whisker plots
  • Summary statistics
  • Distributions
  • Filter
  • Groupby
  • Aggregate

Prerequisites and next steps

Highly recommended to take after completing Exploring Data Visually.

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