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Stretch your analytic muscles with knights, knaves, syllogisms, logic gates, and more!


Our logic course starts with a love of puzzles and builds up to some truly mind-bending challenges. It covers liar and truth-teller riddles, formal logical fallacies, machine logic, and even some strategic game theory!

Logic is an organized way of reasoning that can grow increasingly complex and beautiful as your strategic systems become larger and stranger. This makes logic the perfect topic area for pushing your mental limits to the brink with everything from pirates, werewolves, knights and knaves to AND, NOT, and XOR logic gates!

What is this?
This course covers logic from beginning to end. From the basic puzzles and riddles that excite and challenge, to formal logic; this course builds up mental tools to break complex situations down into easy steps.

Who is this for?
This course is suited to a wide audience. Anyone should be able to make their way from beginning to end. But those most interested in fun riddles will enjoy our early chapters, while those looking to understand the symbolic languages of logic may look to the later chapters.

What should I know?
If you like riddles, puzzles, and thought experiments then you're already ready!


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