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Brilliant helps you learn more effectively than lectures through interactive, problem solving based courses.

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Effective learning is active, not passive. Picasso didn't learn to paint by watching lectures. Math and science are the same. Brilliant helps you master foundational concepts, build intuition, and learn in-depth through interactive problem solving courses.

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Frameworks, not formulas

Brilliant provides frameworks for thinking and solving problems. In school, people are often trained to apply formulas to rote problems. But this traditional approach prevents deeper understanding of concepts, reduces independent critical thinking, and cultivates few useful skills. In a world of mindless memorization and bland formulas, Brilliant is a place where you achieve true understanding by getting to the heart of a concept through interactive problem solving.

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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” Plutarch

Brilliant’s mission is to create more people who excel at math and science. Our courses are written by leading instructors and researchers, who provoke your natural curiosity as the starting point for all learning and guide you through an interactive exploration of deep concepts and principles. Outside of the boundaries of tests and grades, you're free (and encouraged!) to make mistakes and fail. It’s part of the journey.

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We live in an interdisciplinary world

The world does not organize itself into academic subjects. Brilliant courses draw deep connections between subjects. You'll learn how different domains — like computer science and number theory — are interconnected, and discover how foundational math and science concepts relate to modern applications.

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“A simple and easy way to progressively learn more and more how things work in the world. Simply Brilliant.”

- Andreas Gustavsson

“Through its engaging and well-structured courses, Brilliant has taught me mathematical concepts that I previously struggled to understand. I now feel confident approaching both technical job interviews and real world problem solving situations.”

- Jacob Snider

“Teachers, my students are loving @brilliantorg - the challenging puzzles are fun and great for a different warm up or end activity.”

- Taylor Trapp

“Thank you for making me feel like I didn't 'miss my calling' by providing great science stuff.”

- Houda Ameur

“Oh no. @brilliantorg has me working on math problems again at one in the morning.”

- Chris Stubenrauch

“This app should be an essential part of our education system!”

- Lisa Cowley

“You helped me pass my entrance interview for a Data Science boot camp! Thanks for the help!”

- Will Johnson

“I started using Brilliant when I was 13, and recently won a gold medal at the International Math Olympiad. Using Brilliant helped me understand various concepts and motivations better.”

- Dylan Toh

“I just wanted to say how much I love your website. In college I found out I am dyslexic in math. I can get my answers right, but I solve the problem backwards. Anything above geometry has escaped me. I tried one of your problems and it showed me the answer and for the first time it made sense.”

- Tamara Skaar

“As a teacher, it's fantastic to see an app take such an approach to learning. The style of teaching through solving problems goes against traditional strategies but is firmly in line with research on how people learn. I look forward to incorporating some of these examples into my classes!”

- Kevin Fitzell

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