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Brilliant is for anyone who has an interest in mathematics and science. Dive into advanced, creative problem solving and improve domain knowledge and critical thinking skills. Learn how different domains, like number theory and computer science, are interconnected. Discover how core math and science concepts apply to modern topics.

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Research shows that it's hard to learn from lectures and videos. Our quizzes are designed to help you master foundational concepts, and learn in-depth in small sessions. Work through short sequences of increasingly challenging problems, each building up to the next. Courses are expertly written by leading instructors and researchers.

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Brilliant's community of problem solvers contribute novel challenges that are curated and presented in weekly sets. Solve and discuss new challenges each week with members around the world. Settle into a weekly habit of entertaining and educational learning.

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“An extraordinary application! Brilliant is oddly addictive and with continued use you begin to notice that you learn a lot really fast. The quality of the material here is simply off the charts.”

- Akeel Howell, Brilliant member

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