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The mass multiplier

From practical knowledge, we expect things that weigh less to accelerate more quickly than objects which weigh more, when we apply the same force F.

Same force, different effect

Think of what would happen if we use the jet engine of a plane to propel a cruise ship. Although we're providing a lot of thrust, we don't expect the ship to accelerate very quickly because of how heavy it is. Now, think of using the jet engine to propel a waiter to your table... actually, you can just watch:

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"I have learnt much more than what is taught at school at Brilliant. I would like to say thank you to my peers here at Brilliant. You have taught me much from your explanations and solutions. Thank you to everyone here! :)"

- Anqi Li, Singapore

"I'm so happy to be selected for the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad. Thank you, Brilliant, for the support and direction. You're all heroes for me."

- Aditya Raut, India

"I realized that there were some smart kids out there, but I still thought that there were maybe 1000 people smarter than me my age. Little did I know that I was missing zeroes at the end of the number. I was very, very humbled. Since I joined Brilliant 3 months ago, I have doubled my levels in each topic. I tested in the 99.9% percentile on every official math scoring exam that I took. I have been teaching myself as fast as I can. I have received nothing but knowledge by asking question after question. Thank you - you are my inspiration to keep learning."

- Trevor Arashiro, USA


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