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  • I was expecting a refresher on some old information as well as to learn something new, but even with the Fundamental Math course, I'm learning new ways to think about even basic math problems.
    Eric Kowalec – Google Play
  • It's great for learning and sharpening skills. This app has been helpful with my performance at work and I feel more mentally active than before. Thank you so much devs.
    Kem Andrsn – Google Play
  • super great way to fill in the gaps from previous education and take my learning to the next level with confidence. it gives me great explinations and has been recently helpful as an aide while reading some vortex mathematics books.
    A Google user – Google Play
  • It's so important for kids to be involved in the learning process, something teachers don't do as much as they should. Thankfully, the web is filling that void: I wish websites like http://brilliant.org existed when I was a kid!
    Alex Ferraris – Twitter
  • Great app, fantastic little quizzes, the puzzles are well thought out and the solutions really help bring together complicated concepts in a simple way. Totally recommend.
    fletcher185 – App Store
  • Honestly amazing. If you can commit a few minutes every day, it'll actually make you smarter.
    Brilliant user – Google Play
  • I went in to their probability course with a very low knowledge of probability math and intuition. Afterwards, I came out of it with a very extensive knowledge of probability. Brilliant’s teaching style is wonderful and fun, and I hope to learn more!
  • Love it. I'm in love with sciences again.
    Brilliant user – Google Play
  • My college savior! I am struggling in my courses on linear algebra and probability - and this app has rekindled my excitement to learn these difficult subjects!
  • Across 8k miles and a 13.5 hour difference, and with simultaneous Hindi-English interpretation, the orphans of @VatsalyaUdayan outside Jaipur are engaged in problem-solving with their "problem curator" in San Francisco @brilliantorg
    Cindy Weitzman – Twitter
  • I wish school taught me to think by intuition, instead of having me memorizing countless formulas. Excellent app, beautifully laid out, engaged community.
    Joshua Tapp – Google Play
  • Best app I have come across - I love it! The way it interacts with the reader is mind blowing. You can learn math and physics without stress. Thank you developers <3
    Lugmaan Haneef
  • As a physics teacher, there are lots of interesting areas to explore and brush-up on. Well presented questions and quality illustrations throughout.
    Leroymerlin – App Store
  • Been using Brilliant for a little under a month now to relearn and ramp up my mathematics and it's been the most soothing thing I've done in weeks. Highly recommended.
    Eoin Dooley – Twitter
  • Usually these kinds of apps/services spoon feed you information, but Brilliant makes you actually use your brain to figure out questions. As a maths major, their wiki pages are pretty in-depth and cover the same topics as some 400 level courses. Major props!
    LtMortgage – App Store
  • Oh no. @brilliantorg has me working on math problems again at one in the morning.
    Chris Stubenrauch – Twitter
  • Brilliant.org is easily one of the best online platforms for learning and discussing maths related topics and subjects.
    bihan ching
  • As a teacher, it's fantastic to see an app take such an approach to learning. The style of teaching through solving problems goes against traditional strategies but is firmly in line with research on how people learn. I look forward to incorporating some of these examples into my classes!
    Kevin Fitzell – Google Play
  • The most effective interactive learning tool I've ever come across. I find the one-exercise-a-day reminder very useful to keep my interest alive.
    Swingering – App Store
  • Brilliant is an excellent page that teaches us to reason correctly and develops our creativity and imagination -- and apply it in all aspects of our lives.
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