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A significantly greater number of students fail science, engineering and math courses that are taught lecture-style than fail in classes incorporating so-called active learning that expects them to participate in discussions and problem-solving beyond what they've memorized.
— “Enough with the lecturing”, National Science Foundation

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  • Great app
    Mat B.
    I love the problems and the interaction with an international community of math enthusiasts.
  • Awesome
    Martelli A.
    You guys do such a good job breaking down complex concept for us users. I recommend this to anyone over other mindless games.
  • Perfect for students like me
    I'm a student, so I do tests all the time. I need to prepare for the tests, and this app helps me in doing so.
  • Just here for the fun...
    Alex L.
    The most effective way to use the smartphone for fun. Thanks!
  • Freddie T.
    Really good fun, and very interesting. Fantastic free educational resources, and stimulating small (but challenging) puzzles.
  • Angela A.
    This app gives you many great and fun challenges in a variety of maths areas at all levels from beginner to advanced. Good for many hours of maths pleasure. But be aware, it can be very addictive.
  • Surya S.
    Been on here for three years… not leaving anytime soon…
  • Detelina M.
    This application will never let you be bored. I absolutely adore it!
Practice math and science questions on the Brilliant Android app.

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