About Brilliant

Effective learning is interactive, not passive. Brilliant helps you master concepts in math, science, and engineering by solving fun, challenging problems.

Brilliant brings together students, educators, professionals, olympiad champions, and enthusiasts from around the world. On a typical day, you'll find a 17-year old user from Minnesota posing a computer science problem to users from the UK, Serbia, India, Bangladesh, Peru, Hong Kong, Egypt, Greece, France, Netherlands, and the US, who solve the problem and submit solutions in 5 programming languages.

Members learn from a vibrant community of over 5 million members. Through the Brilliant network, people discover the resources they need to succeed, the dream that they can, and the allies to help them.

Our long-term vision is to create a more efficient way for ambitious people who are building their skills to be found directly by organizations seeking talent.

We welcome thinkers and problem solvers of all types and ages to create an account and join the community. To learn more about Brilliant's mission, watch CEO Sue Khim's TEDx talk. To understand more about our approach to our work and products, read our principles and see what our members say about us.

Our Team [join us]

Stephanie Andrews, Software Engineer

Kenji Ejima, Principal Software Engineer

Blake Farrow, Applied Science Lead

Silas Hundt, VP of Product, Founder

Chino Jeng, Lead Designer

Jean-Nicolas Jolivet, Senior Software Engineer

Tara Kappel, Marketer

Sue Khim, CEO, Founder

Jack Kovacich, Videographer

Anton Kriksunov, Senior Software Engineer

Isaac Lambert, Lead Data Analyst

Calvin Lin, Director of Marketing

Caleb Rash, Senior Software Engineer

Eli Ross, COO

Danielle Scarano, Foundational Science Lead

Josh Silverman, Director of Science

Sam Solomon, Principal Software Engineer, Founder

Kristian Takvam, VP of Engineering

Zandra Vinegar, Director of Mathematics

Skylar Zhang, Marketer

Patrick Zulkowski, Advanced Mathematics Lead

For the press

Our press kit is here. Contact pr@brilliant.org with questions.


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