Our mission

Brilliant’s mission is to inspire and develop people to achieve their goals in STEM – one person, one question, and one small commitment to learning at a time. We enable great teachers to illuminate the soul of math, science, and engineering through bite-sized, interactive learning experiences. Our courses explore the laws that shape our world, and elevate math and science from something to be feared to a delightful experience of guided discovery. We aim to cultivate a world of better learners, thinkers, and problem solvers.

We welcome learners of all ages to create an account and get started. To understand more about our approach to our work and products, read our principles and see what our members say about us.

The Brilliant team

Cody Bond

Lead Media Designer

Juliana Chen

Senior Media Designer

Jason Dyer

Foundational Mathematics Lead

Kenji Ejima

Principal Software Engineer

Blake Farrow

VP of Content

Ben Goldsmith

Lead Product Manager (Interactives)

Karen Grace

Customer Experience

Pontus Granström

Senior Interactives Engineer

Andy Hayes

Content Operations

Silas Hundt

VP of Product, Founder

Ji Sub Jeong

Lead Media Designer

Jean-Nicolas Jolivet

Senior Software Engineer

Tara Kappel

Product Manager

Arron Kau

Mathematics Content Developer

Sue Khim

CEO, Founder

Jack Kovacich

Media Design Manager

Anton Kriksunov

Senior Software Engineer

Calvin Lin

Director of Marketing

Kristen Manning

Software Engineer

Carrie McLaughlin

Senior Software Engineer

Aaron Miller

Principal Scientist

Jim Pekarek

Senior Software Engineer

Caleb Rash

Senior Software Engineer

Eli Ross


Josh Silverman

Director of Science

Rob Simmons

Computer Science Content Developer

Sam Solomon

Principal Software Engineer, Founder

Megan Sullivan

Senior Media Designer

Kristian Takvam

VP of Engineering

Alice Tang

Director of Operations

Zandra Vinegar

Director of Mathematics

Lee Weinstein

Principal Scientist

Jacqueline Wojcik

Senior Media Designer

Cece Yu

VP of Design

Skylar Zhang

Product Manager

Patrick Zulkowski

Advanced Mathematics Lead


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