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A different DISCUSSION ?

Hey today i will try to introduce the subject i like the least BIOLOGY ! ( i hope it would be appreciated ...:D) Actually i found a good problem that i would like to share at my level so you can think of it as a mathematical problem and solve it that way if you could ! (typical biology problem) the problem as told by my friend: 16% of a population have blood group "O" and 25% of the population have blood group pure "A". Now from the above data compute what %(percent) of population will have blood group "AB" ?

If it's not appropriate to post these here please tell me !

Note by Ritvik Choudhary
4 years ago

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Using the Hardy-Weinberg equations for three alleles, we get: \[A+B+O=1\] \[A^2+B^2+O^2+2AB+2AO+2BO=1\] We also know: \[O^2=.16\] \[A^2=.25\] Which implies: \[O=.4\] \[A=.5\] Thus \(B=.1\) and the frequency of blood group AB is \[2AB=.1\] Perhaps Brilliant is not yet the place for such questions. These kinds of topics require an odd background to solve. Bob Krueger · 4 years ago

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@Bob Krueger Shouldn't that be \(A^2 + B^2 + O^2 + 2AB + 2AO + 2BO = 1\)? Tim Vermeulen · 4 years ago

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@Tim Vermeulen Thanks. Bob Krueger · 4 years ago

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Shall we assume Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium? Bob Krueger · 4 years ago

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@Bob Krueger Yeah of course you can if by this you can get to the answer you can !! Ritvik Choudhary · 4 years ago

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