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a shape finding method

I was playing with my hand sanitiser liquid some minutes ago. It is a very viscous liquid. Now as we all know on a rotating motion of a liquid column inside a cylindrical pot liquid takes paraboloid shape. So I gave the liquid vigourous rotations about its axis and it got a likewise shape. Now I think for a unknown liquid it may be a process to find the density of the liquid. Actually the problem arises here . how will viscosity come into the calculation. I think the great physicists present in brilliant will show some light on my query. However I am adding a picture. Though its not.the actual shape

. however from these I got a further thought. What will be the time of regaining the most stable shape? Provided bottle is in horizontal or vertical positions respectively. Again a thought came in. What should be the expressions for minimum admissible height of a liquid having a hole on the floor of the pot and considering it viscous. I Hope People will love To show their calculations.

Note by Shyambhu Mukherjee
1 year, 9 months ago

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