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A Tribute to my 50 Followers! Part -2

Hii Everyone

As I mentioned in my previous note , my today's logical problem is,

(Q2)An Officer called up his peon,gave him a list of things,and asked him to bring them to office before he himself arrived.He also told him to take money from an envelope which was under his Office table.When the peon took the envelope,he saw 86 written on t.After buying the things the total bill was 90 Rupees.The peon used the money from the envelope and found that he was still left with some money.

How much money was left with the peon after paying the bill?

Note-here Rupees is Indian currency.

Note by Naitik Sanghavi
2 years ago

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The envelope was upside down. So the number is actually 98 ha ha Randy Yap · 2 years ago

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8 Randy Yap · 2 years ago

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@Randy Yap Nice logic!! May be u r correct.... Naitik Sanghavi · 2 years ago

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