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A Tribute to my 50 followers!Part-5

Hi everyone!

Here are my today's questions,

(Q6)Neha(Queen 42kg),Preety(Princess 36kg) and Shubham(King 78kg) are stuck at the top of a building.A pulley is fixed there over which there is a rope with a basket on each end.One basket has 30kg marbles.The baskets are enough for 2 or 1 person and the marbles.Taking safety into account if someone is inside one of the baskets,the difference between their weights should now be more than 6kg.How can they all escape?

(Q7)I'm always with you,wherever you go.I keep following you,but as soon as you try to catch me,Iron ahead of you.Wherever you stand I'll be behind you,but once you turn around I'll be hiding behind your own back.I tend to grow with your every move.Who am I?

I will post others problems only when someone replies in the discussion....

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