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My viewpoint of BRILLIANT.

BRILLIANT, according to me is a step to enhance the human intellect which decreases the probability of saying that this is impossible, that is impossible, etc. \(\text {It is an awesome website. Wiki of brilliant is a show case which helps to enhance put intellecetual spirit that can change your life.}\) I am really addicted to brilliant. It not only focuses on asking and answering questions but it also focuses on teaching those members who do not know a particular topic. So, it should really be honoured. This is why I always feel that I have done something good after I post a solution or contribute examples to wiki. My interest in contributing examples to wiki was evolved by Sir Andrew Ellinor. Then, it was further enhanced by Sir Calvin Lin. And then, it was supported by Sir Sandeep Bharadwaj. So, I embrace this opportunity to thank them for their contributions. I want to encourage all the Brilliant members to contribute examples to wikis of Brilliant on a daily routine (if possible, but please contribute some every week).


My favourite BRILLIANT

My favourite BRILLIANT

Note by Ashish Siva
1 year, 6 months ago

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Yeah. The same here. I've been using my account since the last summer. I wasn't so addicted then. Yeah, but since February , I've been solving problems on a daily basis and contributing to the wikis and learning some new stuff everyday. It's a great platform , isn't it? And there are some guys helping me out with my NSEJS preparation. Thanks Brilliant! :D Abhiram Rao · 1 year, 5 months ago

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