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Adding series convergence/divergence and power series/Taylor series to Calculus

These are areas in which many good problems could be added.

Note by Ricky Escobar
4 years ago

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Hi Ricky,

We will definitely take it into consideration when planning future additions to the calculus section. Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years ago

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@Peter Taylor Thank you! Ricky Escobar · 4 years ago

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@Ricky Escobar I have confirmed that it is in fact in our roadmap of things to add. I should warn though that it is going to be relatively low priority. The behavior so far is that there is much more demand for the basic topics, which makes sense. So, even within calculus we will probably not get to convergence/divergence, power/taylor series until we have sort of covered the lower hanging fruit. Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years ago

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I agree plus more cool problems on Rolle's, LMVT, IMVT, definition of limit ,continuity(epsilon-delta).should be incorporated. Piyal De · 4 years ago

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