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Arithmetic Progression hampering my progress!

I can't get the method to three sums as follows.....will u help me in solving any?

1.) A ladder has rungs 25 cm apart. The rungs decrease uniformly from 60 cm at bottom to 40 cm at the top. If the distance between the top rung and the bottom rung is 2.5 m, find the length of wood required.

2.) A man purchased TV for 32500 units. He paid 200 initially and increasing payment by 150 every month. How many months would he take?

3.) In an arithmetic progression, \(T_1=22, T_n=-11\), \(S_n=66\), find \(d\) and \(n\).

Please help fast...I have a test tomorrow....

Note by Palaash Barot
1 year, 2 months ago

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