Aspiring Astrophysicist - A suitable pathway?

There might not be one structured answer to the question I'm asking but here it goes:

I graduated with a Master's in Industrial Engineering only to realize that I should have studied Physics and Math in greater detail my entire life. I wasn't really taught the right way on how Calculus works and recently, I've learnt a great deal on Brilliant and YouTube. I'm loving it!

I was always interested in Physics and I even watch documentaries and read up how much ever I can. I've decided that I want to pursue Astrophysics. Given that I've learned a lot of the mathematics before, even though not the right way, I feel that I can learn it very fast again. I wanted to ask if there was a certain structure I could follow while learning the Mathematics and Physics.

A suitable answer would be: Do Classical Mechanics, Gravity, then do Quantum, etc. (This is just an example). I love learning here and thank you for reading my question.

Note by Gautam Doshi
8 months ago

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Can anyone shed some light on this?

Gautam Doshi - 1 week, 4 days ago

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