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Base 10 \(Dictionary\)

There was once a Base-10 dictionary, giving out 10 letters from the alphabet, namely \(P,L,K,E,M,N,A,G,J,B\), in this order : P as the 1st word, L as the 2nd word, K as the 3rd word...... ,J as the 9th word and B as the 10th word. There are some "basetenword"s in this dictionary, where you pick out 1 to 5 different letters to form a "basetenword", such as \(PPPPP, PLLLL, PLKKK, PLKMM, PLEJB\). In which sequence is \(NBMBG\), and find \(\sqrt[(NBMBG^{NBMBG})]{NBMBG}\), correct to 2 decimal places.

**Note: There are \(10^{5}-10^{4}\) "basetenword" in this Base 10 \(Dictionary\)

e.g. MPJBN is in the \(52006^{th}\) "basetenword"

Note by Bryan Lee Shi Yang
2 years, 3 months ago

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