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@Suyeon Khim

Dear Ma'am, I have been using this website for about the last 6 months and I learnt so many new things.My seach for intellectual pursuit is bolstered by this site.The page featuring Brilliant-Squared says it will help me improve my mathematics levels.So honestly I'll say I'm comfortable with most of the level 4-5 problems on this site(The ones that I fail to solve I learn from the solutions posted by other users.)So if I upgrade to Brilliant squared would that be good for me??Or maybe should I go for a 1 month subscription just to go through the material?And also will any such feature be available for advanced users(level 5) in the near future??And also is there any other way that one can contribute/donate to Brilliant??

Note by Eddie The Head
3 years, 5 months ago

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Hi Eddie, I am not confident that Brilliant Squared today contains advanced enough material to improve the problem solving ability of a level 5 member. If you're interested in only the most challenging level 4-5 material, I would suggest waiting until there is more available – we are putting a lot of time and energy into expanding the content and organization of the Practice maps, and going as fast as we can.

The best way to contribute to Brilliant is by joining Brilliant Squared to support our team's efforts in building a great product. The scratchpad is one of my favorite problem solving features (I now use it constantly), and there are a number of others on the way as well.

Suyeon Khim Staff - 3 years, 5 months ago

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I'll tag you here @Suyeon Khim

Eddie The Head - 3 years, 5 months ago

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