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I want to share some of these simple thoughts of point system with you all. You can reply if there is a need. The point system : 1) The internet surfers are determined to get something in exchange, like the lanyards or t-shirts. 2)There should be the encouragement of the solvers by providing them points. 3)For eg: Someone has discovered brilliant.org website and he wants his friends to solve problems, but in today's life no one is able to spend time in solving these questions. 4) Prizes create a sense of greed which enables more and more users to solve more problems. 5) The people who get these items act as an advertiser of brilliant.org. 6) Schools are also encouraging students to solve problems like in our school. 7)Students also gain self-courage and parents also feel proud of them. 8)Prizes act as a "Reputation gainer" among the receiver's friends. 9)Those who are shy in school can express their knowledge through brilliant.org. These are some bullets that i highly request brilliant.org to take care of, It's not necessary to exchange points,but it can be exchange of ratings or solved problems or solutions or competitions etc.

Note by D7 Sh
3 years, 10 months ago

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A7 Jack - 3 years, 10 months ago

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