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ext we need to take a quick look at function notation. Function notation is nothing more than a fancy way of writing the y in a function that will allow us to simplify notation and some of our work a little.

Let’s take a look at the following function.

Using function notation we can write this as any of the following.

Recall that this is NOT a letter times x, this is just a fancy way of writing y.

So, why is this useful? Well let’s take the function above and let’s get the value of the function at x=-3. Using function notation we represent the value of the function at x=-3 as f(-3). Function notation gives us a nice compact way of representing function values.

Now, how do we actually evaluate the function? That’s really simple. Everywhere we see an x on the right side we will substitute whatever is in the parenthesis on the left side. For our function this gives,

Let’s take a look at some more function evaluation.

Note by Karthik Akondi
3 years ago

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