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Check the Polynomial belongs to unit open disk?

I have problem about the polynomial. Given the polynomial, \(p(x)\), where \(p(x) = p_{k} x^{n} + p_{(k-1)} x^{n-1} + ...... + p_{0} x^{0}\). How to check, whether all root belong to open unit disk \(|z| < 1\)? By reading the references, I have founded the Lehmer's method can be used to solve this problem. But, until right now, I don't understand.. I implement it too into computer programming as the programming excersice.. Any help, thank you very much :)

Note by Andrias Yuwantoko
4 years ago

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Not answering your question, but \(k=n\), right? So why don't you use just one variable? :) Tim Vermeulen · 4 years ago

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@Tim Vermeulen I am sorry, you're right. I have edited, that \(p_{k}\) and next are the coeficient of the polynomial. Means, the general polynomial to declare. Yes, it is using one variable that \(x\). Andrias Yuwantoko · 4 years ago

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Anyone? Andrias Yuwantoko · 4 years ago

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