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dis one too.....hw do we do itt......

F(x) is defined for x≥0 and has continuous derivative.....de function satisfies the following conditions f(0)=1 ; f'(0)=0 ; [f"(x)][1+f(x)]=1+x.....nw de question is what are de values dt f(1) cant take among de following options
A] 2.0
B] 1.75
C] 1.5
D] 1.35
Continuous derivative can have 2 meanings.....maybe de question says f'(x) is continuous in its domain ie derivative is continuous [ or ] der r continuous derivatives as in de sense f',f"...etc exist......de question given to me ws diss and i dnt have any ideaaa regarding hw to solve itt

Note by Sid Leo
3 years, 7 months ago

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