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Discussion about Mysterious and AMAZING thing(i.e The black hole )

Hey friends i want to ask you some questions about very mysterious thing that is black holes .if you interested in it then you must try to answer that questions whether that is correct or not as your point of view .my first question is what is the reason behind the stars to lose its volume but mass remains constant and converted into a black hole ?and after converting into a black hole what is the reason behind its high gravitational energy to attract even light very strongly and why does nothing can be escape from it after entering the black holes ?

Note by Alok Patel
2 years ago

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i hope this might answer your questions!! see it in this url........... http://hight3ch.com/why-do-black-holes-have-so-much-gravity/ Dharini Chaudhary · 2 years ago

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@Dharini Chaudhary thanks for your suggestion Alok Patel · 2 years ago

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