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I started this topic just to tell the people on about one of the greatest site I have seen. Since August (2012) I have been using a website called It is a collaboration of several world renowned universities including names like Stanford, Univ of Toronto, Columbia Univ, California Institute of Technology, etc. These colleges and universities offer courses on different topic like Calculus, Programming, Biotechnology, Algorithms, Business, Health, Mathematical Thinking, Algebra, Earth Sciences, Physics and many more.

These courses are taught by one of the best professors in the field. These courses are absolutely free and you also get a certificate if you qualify all the quizzes, assignments, etc. In my opinion is better than MIT OCW, edX, Udacity, KhanAcademy and other free-education sources.

I would recommend you to take some of the following courses :

i) Calculus : Single Variable - University of Pennsylvania
ii) Analytical Combinatorics, Part I - Princeton University
iii) Analytical Combinatorics, Part II - Princeton University
iv) Linear and Discrete Optimization - Some European College(but course is in english)

The URL is

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6 years ago

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Coursera is indeed an amazing site founded by two Stanford professors. I have completed 9 courses there in the past 8 months and they are all really top notch. Besides some decent math they really have good computer science as well for people who are interested in that. Also which came from Stanford is specifically about computer science right now and has some really creative great content.

Also check out MIT open courseware at where literally almost any course in higher math can be found and edX at which is like coursera with a few less courses so far but from Berkeley, Harvard, and MIT.

Good luck and happy learning.

Ethan Berl - 6 years ago

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I am taking my first one starting in January.

Trever Reeh - 6 years ago

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Here's a link . I liked the site!

Abhishek Singh - 4 years, 3 months ago

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It is a great site. I have completed introduction to mathematical thinking with Keith Devlin and it was very helpful. I am currently enrolled in Astronomy and Calculus: Single Variable, both are great and I would highly recommend them.

Daniel Feinstein - 6 years ago

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I did an introductory course on Python programming on Coursera once.Currently I am doing Waves and Optics from Rice University on EdX.It is a fantastic course and I would urge motivated high school students to try it.

Arif Ahmed - 4 years, 3 months ago

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No coursera is not giving the free course so i have not taken class and now i am taking the online class with with the demo class.

Facetoface Study - 3 years ago

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