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from where does brilliant gets money to maintain such a big organisation

Note by srinivasa Rao Dhulipala
4 years ago

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That should strictly not be our concern. Shourya Pandey · 4 years ago

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Hi srinivasa, as Rohan said, this information is in our FAQ:

"Brilliant is an experimental company and makes no revenue right now. For now, we use investment money to operate and expand the site. In the future, some features on the site may cost money. In addition, schools and companies may be able to pay to recruit our users through our site. We will certainly alert all of our users well in advance before we implement either of these changes. Right now, we are focused on making the best site possible for bright, motivated people everywhere to push their intellects in math and physics." Daniel Hirschberg · 4 years ago

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check the FAQ Rohan Singh · 4 years ago

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donations maybe Snehdeep Arora · 4 years ago

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s;s=5,2 Shivraj Pallewad · 4 years ago

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