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Fuzz-balled black holes! A solution to information paradox?

Okay Wow...First of all, Congratulations to Samir D. Mathur who is supposed to have given a solution to Stephen Hawking's "Black Hole Information Paradox".

Now, although I know, that I might be too young or too undereducated to read or understand this stuff, but when I read this...I could only say WOW!! Clearly, it is a plausible model to look at the black hole structure and moreover it kinda explains the randomness factor and agrees with the laws of Thermodynamics.

I'm not gonna write much about it, however, I would love the experienced members on here, to shed a lot of light on it, for there are some really interested students here, who'd love to learn more about it!!

Sooo, Pleaaaaaase, ENLIGHTEN US!!! Thanks!!:)

Note by Abhineet Nayyar
2 years, 3 months ago

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