General question about the Python course.

So after the Computer Science Fundamentals course I decided to take the Python course as a compliment to the Java program I'm already learning at school. I have a question about the whole drawing thing. It tells me that to import the turtle you have to type in "from turtle import *", to move forward you type something like "forward(300)" and to turn left a certain number of degrees you type "left(45)". I tried compiling the code on an online compiler ( It didn't work. I then tried downloading Python for my computer, and it didn't work as well. When I tried to find the code online, it gave me a different format on how to do everything. For example, if you want to get the turtle into your Python you write "import turtle" instead of "from turtle import *", to move forward you write "turtle.forward(200)" instead of "forward(200) and to turn left you write "turtle.left(45)" instead of "left(45)". This may discrepancy may be tiny or it may be huge, I may just be really dumb and this different syntax's be something common in computer science. But I'm new to most computer science concepts, so if anyone can explain to me why this is the case and which one is correct it would be very much appreciated. :)

Note by Okky Prabowo
1 year, 11 months ago

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Hello Okky, Let's kill this topic together. Let's say you have written a file named and you have written two custom functions in this file namely pow(a, b) and round(a). And you want to make use of these functions in a new python file named Now you have two ways to do that 1. import math and then use functions like math.pow(a, b) and round(a). 2. from math import math, round and then use functions like pow(a, b) and round(a).

Also from math import * imports everything that was defined in But this is not used as it hinders production level code development. For example: Suppose that you have two independent modules and Now, has a custom function subtract that takes in two arguments (a and b) and return a - b. What's subtract does is return (b -a). And you import both files in .Then you will get an error that function definitions are common.

I think you must ask programming related questions on StackOverflow. Read this great answer: Also read the official documentation here:

shivam jalotra - 1 year, 11 months ago

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I think I get it. So from module import * imports everything that is in, while import math only imports the functions?

Okky Prabowo - 1 year, 11 months ago

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