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Hey guys just about a month and a half ago i participated in the national math olympiad in my country organised by a cambridge school in my country.I finished up second and among the problems i didnt solve was also this one.I'm posting it here to see if anyone can help.I would really appreciate it. So,here's the problem.In the figure above \(ABC\) is an iscoceles triangle\(AB=AC\).\(AD\) is drawn such that \(AD=AB=AC\).If it is known that \(CAE=28 \)degrees.Find \(EBD\).

Note by Lawrence Bush
3 years, 2 months ago

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Because of the given fact, we can draw a circle centred at A through B, C and D. Then using angle at the centre is twice that at the circumference, we can deduce that \(\angle EBD = 14° \). Hope this helps!

Michael Ng - 3 years ago

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