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Help in Question in which I get stuck.

I post the differential equation of this question earlier . Click here.


Find the velocity of conductor rail (of mass m) v at the time \(t={ t }_{ 0 }\). Here Rod is initially placed just near the resistance R . Gravity is present. Infinetly long wire has Constant current flowing in it. I . Initial separation as shown in Figure is d.

Sorry for The Poor Diagram.Hope You Understand.

NOTE This is Hypothetically made by me so I'am not sure That it's Solution is Possible or not.

Help me! Thanks

Note by Deepanshu Gupta
3 years ago

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@Anastasiya Romanova sorry to distrub you , i think you can help

U Z - 2 years, 10 months ago

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The differential equation is unsolvable I suppose, so I would say there doesn't exist a solution in the form of elementary functions.

Ronak Agarwal - 3 years ago

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Do we need Higher mathematics??

Deepanshu Gupta - 3 years ago

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@Deepanshu Gupta Even wolfram alpha's differential equation solver can't solve it.

Ronak Agarwal - 3 years ago

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