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Help - Significant Figures - Chemistry

I am confused regarding significant figures in Chemistry.

Consider "Calculate the volume of 2.8 kg of liquid with density of 1.11 g/cm^3"

Then, Volume = 2.8 kg * (cm^3 / 1.11 g) = 2522.522 (where 522 is recurring).

Since the original figure (2.8 kg) has only two significant figures, I thought the answer should be 2500.

The textbook says the answer is 2523, which is four significant figures.

Which is correct?

Note by Star Light
8 months, 2 weeks ago

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Yes,2523.But I can't understand......had your question asked to make a solution of 2 significant value????why not 2523????What means two significant figures???? @Star Light Sazzad Hossain Rafi · 8 months ago

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