How do you do it?

This is really freaking question that how you do it.As you all know that this world is filled with talents.Everyone has some talent inborn.I like maths .I am doing good on brilliant cause i am able to solve problems.But sometime i feel that i am genius but sometimes i feel that i am dumb.I want to increse my problem solving capacity.So its a request to everyone that would u like to tell me that how u are so genius.Tell me about your day to day activity or your struggle that brougt you this intelligence.This is specially for CALVIN LIN ,ZI SANG,JAMES,LINGand rest of all the toppers.

Note by Utsav Singhal
4 years, 9 months ago

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Since no one else has taken the bait, and I don't qualify as a genius myself, I'll post a relevant exchange between Sandow and Ramanujan:

Sandow: Ramanju, they all call you a genius.

Ramanujan: What! Me, a genius! Look at my elbow, it will tell you the story.

Sandow: What is all this, Ramanju? Why is it so rough and black?

Ramanujan: My elbow has become rough and black in making a genius of me! Night and day I do my calculations on slate. It is too slow to look for a rag to wipe it with. I wipe the slate almost every few minutes with my elbow.

Sandow: So, you are a mountain of industry. Why use a slate when you have to do so much calculation? Why not use paper?

Ramanujan: When food itself is a problem, how can I find money for paper? I may require four reams of paper every month.

Christopher Johnson - 4 years, 9 months ago

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