How long do rewards take to ship?

About two weeks about I ordered my lanyard from brilliant. I understand you are not meant to ask on the forums where are rewards are but I figure for future reference it would be nice for the users of brilliant to understand what goes on on the supply side of Brilliant. So my question is: What goes on on the supply side of Brilliant when they get a request from someone for a prize?

Note by Alexander Sludds
5 years, 3 months ago

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What happens when you claim a lanyard or shirt?

Well first I have to hand sew, dye, and embroider your shirt, which takes about a week. Then I have to shoe one of our faster horses and ride to Monterrey which takes a few days. Then I pass it off to a schooner bound to your port, which can take a really long time as well.

But actually,

In ye olden days of January/February a few thousand lanyards were manually stuffed into adressed envelopes and carried in large bins to the post office by the staff of Brilliant.

Nowadays, once a week we send the information to a fulfillment service that ships them out of warehouses in LA and Hong Kong. Here I assume either robots, child laborers, or mystical elves mail them off to you (I don't really know what happens there).

So...the lanyards and shirts do not ship the day after you claim them. They might ship between the day after and a week after you have claimed them. After that, the time it takes for them to arrive depends on how far you are from LA or Hong Kong, the diligence of the local postal carriers, and how accurately you typed your address when you signed up, or tried to claim a prize. Note that we only pay for the most basic shipping. My experience is it is never very predictable. I have heard of lanyards reaching Brazil in a few days and taking a month+ to make it to Texas.

If anyone has a query about the prize they have claimed, do not hesitate to ask Bradan. His email is

Peter Taylor Staff - 5 years, 3 months ago

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Thank you for this, very good response.

Alexander Sludds - 5 years, 3 months ago

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