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How to change the ANSWER ???????

Hey guys, i have a problem. I had posted a problem and now i want to edit it but if i edit the answer will change but i'm not finding any option to change my answer. Please suggest me how can i change my answer.Thanks in advance :)

Note by Aditya Tiwari
2 years ago

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As the problem creator, you can report that "The answer is incorrect", and state what the correct answer should be (preferably along with an explanation), and it will be updated it accordingly. Calvin Lin Staff · 2 years ago

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@Calvin Lin Thank you sir. Aditya Tiwari · 2 years ago

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You can edit what you have asked to find suppose the incorrect answer was 2 and you have to change it to 3 then you can ask find 'x+1' where x is 2(answer) Krishna Sharma · 2 years ago

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You have a couple of options:

1) Delete the problem. Start anew.

2) Edit the problem. Then report it by saying that the answer is incorrect. Wait for the staff to change the answer. Mursalin Habib · 2 years ago

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