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how to find the inertial tensor matrix of a quadcopter?

Okay, this is to do with my final year project. I am an engineering student and I need some help.How do you find the inertial tensor matrix of a pentacopter. The assumptions are that you have five cylinders, of mass 'm', radius 'R' and height 'h' at the edges of five solid square rods of length 'l' from the origin, and square size 's', of mass 'm1' spread 72 degrees from each other, all from the origin, in the form of a pentagon. At the center of this device is a cuboid of dimensions abc and with mass 'M', placed below the rods. This is a battery. I need the inertial tensor matrix.

Note by Vamsavardhana Vijay
3 years, 7 months ago

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