ok so today i attended a OEC outdoor emergency care refresher and i learned omg tones of stuff.

one was hypothermia. hypothermia happens when your body temp, lowers down. it usually occurs during conditions 95 f or 35 c according to the AHA. The body first drops: below 95 farenheight (mild hypothermia), people will start to feel chill, shiver, and start to get cold. when the core temprature drops more, it will become moderate hypothermia, about at 86-93.2 farenheight. Later, once the body's core temprature will become below 86 farenheight, it becomes severe hypothermia.

secondary hypothermia, occurs when the person who had hypothermia has a traumatised or ill body. when this happens, the primary problem will be the trauma or illness and will do double badness to the person. secondary hypothermia may be life threatening. afterdrop is a drop in the body temprature even though it has been warmed. this is because cold blood can return to the heart. afterdrop may cause severe injuries and may cause cardiac arrest or shock.

once you see a person with hypothermia, and lets say severe, they may be laying down. first, you would check for the scene size up aka look around, what happened, is anyone hurt, if there is, how many. Then, you would check for scene saftey and look around to see if anyone can not be safe. then, you would put a blanket under them. next, you would put another blanket on TOP of them. make sure to call for help too.
warming is one of the most hardest desicions. if you warm frostbite once, and then have to bring the person outside again, there will be a big chance that the person will freeze and get hypothermia again, which is very bad because the tissues would most likely all die. so, lets say that the person we have met in paragraph one will not go anywere and you can warm the person. You would ask whats their name and if you can help them. next, you would ask what happened, and how old they are, are they on any medications, have they had any injuries, and when they had them. also, you may ask if they have been drinking. once you are finished with that, you would warm the person gradually, and then put the place, lets say his foot, that got frozen. the water should be 102 f- 104 f. once it is warmed, put aloe vera ointment, and wrap cloth around to seperate the fingers that got frozen. congrats! you have learned 1/7 of the OEC cycle A refresher!

imagine you were a OEC technitian ( if you are not) and try helping this person: It was a nice day and you went outside to ski. you saw a person lying on the ground and you go there. what would you do first?

a.Scene size up-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
b.ask him if he is ok-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
c. start defrosting---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

next, you have already introduced yourself and you have all the info about the person from his collegue, who was skiing with him. you are about to defrost his hand, that got frozen. what would be the temprature of the water you will defrost the person in?

a.102-104 f----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b.120-125------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- c.90-100 f-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BOTH ANSWERS ARE A. IF YOU GOT THEM CORRECT, CONGRATS!-------------------------------------------------------------------------

join the ski patrol at your local mountain!

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