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I just joined & the second problem I've been given is very vague.

Main post link -> https://brilliant.org/assessment/s/algebra/5377135/

I just joined & the second problem I've been given is very vague! In fact so vague that I assumed it was a trick question because it's illogical.


I think that link will take you to the question. If it doesn't link to the question then here it is:

Better Buy is offering a 5% discount on the sales price of all laptops sold in the month of August. On August 1th, Kamilla notices that there is a laptop with a sales price of $2000. She believes that the sales price will decrease by another 5% on August 15th. How much more (in $) can Kamilia save, if she purchases the laptop on August 15th, as compared to August 1st?

Replace the word "believes" with something that makes sense! and it's 1st not 1th, whatever that means!

I notice there's a comment section under the question after I give up, but I'm not allowed to use it...?

Note by Ted Benic
3 years, 10 months ago

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Hi Ted,

Welcome to Brilliant!

The problem was proposed by a member, and there are various issues with the the clarity of the question. I've removed this question for the time being, so it will not be assigned to others.

Note that your link is customized to you, and so others will not be able to view it. To get a shared link, you have to use the "Copy Link" in the top right corner. This link will include the title of the problem.

Calvin Lin Staff - 3 years, 10 months ago

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Hey Ted,

Thanks for the feedback on the problem. We'll be addressing it shortly.

As for the "solutions" section underneath the problem, you should be able to click "Show solutions" to enter and ask questions to anyone who has submitted a solution. Perhaps there is a bug that is preventing this button from working for you?

Silas Hundt Staff - 3 years, 10 months ago

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