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I want to publish my solution to Abstract Pac Man

How do I publish my solution? It does not use any trig.

Note by Gwen Roberts
2 years, 1 month ago

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Gwen, I'm glad that Michael has helped you out. I see that you've posted solutions in the past, so can you clarify what the issue you were facing is? It is:

A) Did not know that you have to answer the problem correctly before you can submit a solution B) Did not know how to submit a solution in this new design C) You thought that 4.828 is the correct answer and submitting it should allow you to enter in a solution D) Something else. If so, please explain.

Calvin Lin Staff - 2 years ago

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In that screen shot, you can see the button that says, "Reveal 18 solutions". Click that, and you'll be able to publish your solution. If you first answered it correctly, you'll be able to publish your own solution on your own. However, if you have not yet answered it correctly, or have botched this problem, you still can publish your solution but only as a reply to another who have already left a comment in the solutions page.

If you feel that the author of the problem is wrong, you can click that symbol (not shown in that screenshot) that looks like a tiny stack of three squares. Click that, then click "View Reports", and then post your explanation. The author of the problem will then have a chance to reply. If a 2nd person posts another comment, then one of the Brilliant.org staff is likely to get involved eventually and try to resolve it.

The answer to this problem is not 4.828, but you're free to disagree and make your case.

Michael Mendrin - 2 years, 1 month ago

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Thank you!

Gwen Roberts - 2 years, 1 month ago

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