introduction to zoology

we all know that zoology is the study of animals, but as i experienced when i take this subject is like studying medicine, human physiology, and human anatomy. its hard to study but, i leave my self with no choice, there's no turning back. after this semester, i will see the result of my sacrifice. the result of all my hard work and eye bugs :)

Note by John Rey Ciupan
4 years, 3 months ago

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I am very much interested in biology as well as human anatomy.I am a student of class 12 at Dhaka City college.I have come from a small town in dream to be a doctor and the time to fulfill my dream has come.Now I should be more serious.It is such a subject which helps a man to think about the reality of creating animals and if we can learn it with willingness, I think it really can give us a great pleasure.It is really matter of wonder that Medical science is not only consisted of Biology but also Physics ,Chemistry and sometimes also Math. Well,now It is the time to test me whether I am fit for this sector or not.

Waresh Rahat - 2 years, 4 months ago

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