Just a quick note.

"Sorry for not writing more chapters! The best things in the world are free, and I don't deserve what was given to me. The point I want to address is that I didn't have enough time to do additional work apart from school. I had been working harder than me on a typical day at school, even harder-working than my teachers for a writing-down-the-complete-solutions math competition. Tomorrow, I will know the results. Wish me luck and fortunes!"

"Who are you talking to?"

"The audience. Those words are not anyone specifically, somewhere along the lines of an apology."

"Stop joking around here and there. There are many things wrong with this. First of all, there aren't any others besides the directors and the prompters. Furthermore, we are rehearsing for an end-of-the-year play, so there is nowhen to play around. And you agreed to take part in this because you have already been done with the examinations."

"First, I only said that the result of the math competition is announcing tomorrow. Moreover, that is part of the playscript."

My classmate flipped through the pages of the playscript - that doesn't exist in the first place, but a folder in the computer backstage - and looked for the lines I had just said.

"Did you change the texts while we were having a break at lunchtime?"

"No, correspondingly, you are the person who was doing something suspiciously on my computer. You haven't even logged off your Google account."

"Then where did you read from?"

"A Brilliant note. And by the audience, I mean the three people who read my stories and have been supportive of me over the months."

"You haven't counted me yet." - The prompter said - "I read your stories. Your vocabulary is limited. And monotonous sentences took away a good portion of the story. Overall, good storyboard, but you need to work on your presentation."

At this point, I looked at the papers.

"The End!*" - Looks like we are going to have another break. It doesn't really matter because our parents are on their ways to take us back home.

"(*) - The story hasn't ended. And by the time you read this sentence, the papers have already-" -disappeared from my hands, or that is what I imagine would have been happening.

"I got your computer. Please don't be careless next time and swing your electrical devices to the other side of the auditorium." - One of the directors stood at the entrance, the left hand grabbing my computer, the other holding the playscript.

"Could we have that as a separate play at the end of the celebration?"

"You could ask the principal. But I know she won't accept your idea. Also, we don't need the audience to prepare for condiments before going to the celebration. We don't want to start another tantrum. And we don't want to clean up this place again."

"Why specifically condiments?" - To that, I answered. - "Sodium chloride."

"I will bring a bottle of condiment next time to give you as a gift."

"Thanks for the present but I don't need it. Your family certainly do. In that way, your money doesn't get wasted."

"All of us are wasting our time. Get back to work."

"Do you realize that I am recording all of your sayings and put it on the internet?"

"Go ahead. I don't care anyway."

"I can't do that right now, I got other stuff to do."

"You are so over-sensitive and unargumentative. Why are your reasons to be here in the first place? You should back to your overgrown and forgotten shelter deep in the woods and..."

A sound echoed the whole room, a sound you thought you would hear before.

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This was........Interesting!!

Aaghaz Mahajan - 2 years, 5 months ago

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If a computer wasn't smashed, another one would.

Thành Đạt Lê - 2 years, 5 months ago

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