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last week in number theory i got 2 wrong questions and this week i answered 1 correct question and didnt attempt any other question yet i got demoted to level 4. i dont understand how i was in level5 last at the end of last week and after answering a question right i got demoted.

could anyone explain this??

Note by Pranav Chakravarthy
4 years ago

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now i got 4 right and just 1 wrong in number theory this week.i know its not a respectable score but surely you dont get demoted for getting 4 right and 1 wrong.is it a glitch or am i missing something. could anyone from the brilliant staff please explain Pranav Chakravarthy · 4 years ago

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@Pranav Chakravarthy Hi Pranav,

We are looking into our leveling algorithm to see if anything is broken. We will keep you posted either here or by email what we find. If anyone else is experiencing suspicious leveling behavior email discussions@brilliant.org. Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years ago

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first of all, it doesn't seem like levels are determined only by a week; rather, they probably are taking progress (or lack thereof) of multiple weeks (at least 2). If you ask me, your record for the past two weeks doesn't seem so hot no matter what level you are (no offense). If you are struggling to get enough questions right in level 5, you probably aren't ready for it yet and need to stay on level 4. Justin Wong · 4 years ago

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Hi Pranav, my post doesn't have much to do with your query, but I would like to ask you(nothing serious or personal, just like that) that did you appear in XII'th board exams this year ? Nishant Sharma · 4 years ago

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Comment deleted Jul 13, 2013

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@Pranav Chakravarthy What's your score in JEE-MAIN Paper I ? Nishant Sharma · 4 years ago

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