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Hi Brilliant! So Pi Day just passed less than a week ago, and we won't be getting so many digits in place till next century. Pi Day has always reminded me of the song "Lose Yourself in the Digits" by a guy who calls himself Pi Diddy. It's actually a parody of "Lose Yourself" by Eminem, and in my opinion it's pretty cool. I even used it in a poetry recital for literature class. (Don't give me that look. Songs are just poetry with music, and rap IS music ^^)

Then there's this other song, it's called the Mandelbrot Song by Jonathan Coulton, and it's about... Mandelbrot of course. Awesome song, though IMHO it's got a few flaws:

  1. The chorus describes a Julia set, not a Mandelbrot set. Or at least that's what Wikipedia said, I don't exactly know the difference. Haven't checked other sources yet.

  2. Mandelbrot died in 2010 (again, according to Wikipedia), and that affected the lyrics, especially in the second verse.

  3. The lyrics contain swear words, so it might not be appropriate to some audiences. But hey, I'm not complaining. :)

Anyone know any other cool math songs? Please comment, thanks!

PS sorry, no links, I just took a short break. Just Google the songs, they're easy to find.

Note by Francis Gerard Magtibay
6 years ago

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I didn't know about these Math songs, thanks for introducing me to it :)

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No problem. If you find more of these gems, please share. :)

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Jonathan Coulton was also the person who wrote the ending songs for Portal and Portal 2!

Daniel Liu - 6 years ago

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Hello Mr. Liu, honestly I didn't know about that. Nice bit of info you got there.

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Here is a nice rhyme we used in secondary school:
π\pir2r^{2} sounds like area to me, if I want to find the circumference, I just use π\piD....

Curtis Clement - 6 years ago

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That's nice, but I'd like to limit this thread to songs only. I'd be happy to join a discussion on rhymes and other mnemonics if you start one. ^^

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BTW, if you guys wanna include science songs in here, there's the Symphony of Science for starters. :) Not much on musical quality, but the idea of putting a song together from video clips of scientists is just great!

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Lose yourself in digits is a awesome song!!!

tanveen dhingra - 6 years ago

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Yeah, I agree. But unfortunately that's already here. Got anything else?

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I found more. Take your picks! :)

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